TESTIMONIALS May 2017 It's always great to buy from someone who cares about customers. Personally, the software is a great way to get to know any unfamiliar code. I find when presented with new code in Visual Studio I begin the "rabbit hole" trek. "Okay, what does this class do? Oh, and this class uses this class. And this one uses that one ..." Each new class introduces a slew of more classes and operations. Before I know it, I'm buried under a mound of tabs and confused connections. With VsCodePrint, I print out the new code to PDF. Put it on my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. And slowly work through the code as if I'm reading an interesting new adventure book. The old-school nature of having pages to explore code lends itself to paced and thoughtful exploration of it. The Table of Contents and Indexes make referencing how all the parts of the code connect very easy. The new code really does become a book to explore how everything connects. I don't get overwhelmed with the rabbit holes. And my experience becomes a pleasure. It' really a perfect way to explore unfamiliar code! Edward Conrad University Instructor Louisiana, USA . February 2017 “I find it extremely helpful to be able to print out to PDF or hard copy so that I can better review my code. You matching and syntax coloring are a great help. May I say you are brilliant (a word my British friend use a great deal to describe things). I use their VBACodePrint, SQLServerPrint and VSCodePrint add-on products. The support is as good as any I have had in my 36 years in IT.” James Richard Wade Microsoft Certified Professional CompTIA Security+ Certified Fort Worth, Texas December 2016 “I was looking for a tool, that could help me, "reading" a VB.net project that I had to take over and finish. VScodePrint was very, very helpful!!! I'd wished, it would have been a part of the VS 2015.” Regards Ralf Puppe November 2016 “SQLserverPrint are helping us to fast, and in an easy way, produce PDF-files on our SQL Servers to distribute schemas and other things to people in our global organization, whenever they need information. It is not only the tool that is fast, even the support when you have an issue. When we have had any issue, question or whatever, we don’t have to wait for any response or answer from StarPrint Tools. Within the same day everything has being solved. Something like that is my open-hearted thoughts about You, Your Company and the product SQLserverPrint.” Göran Wihlgaard Systemutvecklare Intern IT July 2016 “I have been using VBACodePrint for many years thru numerous versions. It is one of my most valuable add-ins and definitely the one I use themost in my Excel VBA development. It is invaluable in working thru blocks of code, especially the connector lines for "With/End", For/Next" loops, etc. Having the printed copy to look ahead/back while stepping thru it on the screen is very handy, even with having 3 screens. The formatting flexibility is great and the ability to selectively choose components to print is important (ie do NOT print WSs as I don't put much code there that might change). I just upgraded to VBAcodePrint 2016 as there are some nice new features, but haven't tried them all yet. The cross-referencing and sorting capabilities are nice to have. Support has been excellent and responses to questions very quick. Installation is quick and easy. Definitely a 5 star and most useful product.” Brian Baru July 2016 “I have been using VScodePrint for a little over a year now and have found the support to be excellent. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best - a 10 The Application works as advertised and really makes the QA on applications simple and straight forward and again I give the product a 10 score.” Rex Havert President & COO August 2016 “I find VS code print 2015 an invaluable tool for code reviews, and especially when refactoring code blocks: it's clear outlining and code colouring facilitate rapid understanding of coding structure. It's really easy to use, can print from almost any level of a solution comprising multiple projects, is very configurable and is vastly superior to anything else we've tried for printing from inside VS 2015. Highly recommended.” Dr Barry Clark IFIC Forensics May 2016 “Whether you write program code as a professional developer, or as a programming hobbyist, one of those additional tasks in completing your project is providing some documentation of your work including the production of some form of program code listing. I mainly fit the latter category of user and have written VBA code as part of a number of customised Microsoft Office applications developed to support a museum organisation where I work as a volunteer and to support a family member running their business. I have been using the product VBAcodePrint from StarPrint Tools since 2007 to produce VBA program code listings for these projects. Sure, you can just hit the Print menu button inside your programming editor to produce quick listings while you develop, but at the end of the project you really need to produce a well formatted listing of all components within your project. This is where I have found VBAcodePrint to be a really useful add-in tool. It can produce not only a properly formatted paginated listing with page headers and footers, but can print all or selected components within your project in sorted order, automatically create a page referenced alphabetical index plus insert a table of contents. With large projects in which code listings can be several hundred pages, the product’s PDF export feature can be used to export and save your whole code listing as a PDF document, rather than print a hard copy listing. Their companion tool VScodePrint designed for Visual Studio projects has similar features.” Peter Shaw Western Australia
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